Practice Areas

Wills & Probate

If you have significant assets to protect, or if you have loved ones who depend on you for financial support, creating a proper estate plan is essential. An experienced estate planning attorney like Thomas T. Antonecchia can help you develop a plan that protects your assets and the people you love.

Business Law

When you are involved in business, you are subject to many different state and federal regulations that dictate how you must structure and operate your company. You may also need to enter into contracts with other companies, organizations or individuals. All of these tasks involve complicated legal requirements, so it’s best to seek counsel from an experienced real estate attorney.

Real Estate

Real estate is one of the most complex areas of law, often involving long, detailed contracts filled with complicated legal language. For this reason, then you are involved in any type of real estate transaction or arrangement, you need to seek guidance from a qualified real estate attorney.

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