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If you have significant assets to protect, or if you have loved ones who depend on you for financial support, creating a proper estate plan is essential. An experienced estate planning attorney like Thomas T. Antonecchia can help you develop a plan that protects your assets and the people you love.

About Estate Planning

Several estate planning tools exist to help you protect your assets. Some of the most common tools used include:

  • Wills – A will is a document that describes how you want your property distributed after your death.
  • Living wills – A living will, which may also be called an “advance directive,” is a document that describes your wishes with regard to end-of-life medical care.
  • Trusts – A trust is a legal entity that holds property while you are alive and passes it directly to designated heirs after your death.
  • Power of attorney – A power of attorney allows a specific person to make financial and/or medical decisions on your behalf in certain circumstances.

Each of these tools serves a different purpose. Thomas T. Antonecchia will help you determine which of these tools are necessary for you. He can also help with probate, which is a proceeding used to validate a deceased person’s will and execute the instructions it contains.

Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning and probate laws in the state of New York are complex and confusing. In order to ensure that you have an estate plan that meets all of your needs and achieves your goals, you need to consult an estate planning attorney who understands these laws. Thomas T. Antonecchia has significant experience with the creation, modification and execution of estate plans.

In addition, Thomas T. Antonecchia can help if you have been named the representative of a deceased person’s estate or if you are otherwise involved in the probate process. This process can be complicated, but Thomas T. Antonecchia can provide the guidance and assistance you need to make probate as smooth and efficient as possible.

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If you need to create a new estate plan or modify an existing plan, or if you are involved in a probate case, Thomas T. Antonecchia is here to help. Please contact Thomas T. Antonecchia Attorney at Law today to schedule a consultation or learn more.

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